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Shauna Gustafson has been on her fitness journey for quite some time, but only became very passionate and focused about her fitness when she started seeing RESULTS; that time came when she started truly body building.

Shauna’s body building epiphany only came when she decided to set a goal for herself: that goal was to become a bikini competitor and compete in a fitness competition. For the last 4 years she has been focused on training as a bikini competitor, not only at the introductory levels, but also at the NPC level, which is where she finds herself now. She has participated in the NorCal Fitness Classic, here in Redding, CA. where she placed 3rd, 2nd, and then finally 1st!

Shauna’s development and placing in these events are an example of the positive, progressive change she promotes and her determination to better, not only herself, but whomever she brings into her circle. Shauna just recently started competing at the NPC level where she has placed as low as 6th but as high as 2nd in only three shows. Once again, she is determined to do better, and is positive she will, as that is the mantra that keeps her going!

Shauna’s goal is to get her PRO card and to help others who are also on their own fitness journeys. She wants to help them achieve whatever levels and goals they seek in both the personal and the competitive realm. Shauna has found great pleasure in learning how to sculpt and mold her own body and is excited to have the opportunity to share that with others!

I spent months perfecting my stage presence & posing with my friend Shauna, who is now the certified posing coach at Everyday Fitness. She has an eye on what will bring out the best in every person & helped me immensely with my confidence!
— Tai G.
I have competed 3 times in the past but have never had a posing coach. This year I hired Shauna Dwinell to help me polish my posing! Wow! The small changes she has made has improved my routine hugely. If you are competing now or in the future or a first timer or a seasoned competitor keep Shauna in mind. She is on her game!
— Kristina M.

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