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Sarah Ellis – Fitness Director, Certified Personal Trainer

EveryDay Fitness Redding CA Sarah Ellis

Fitness Director, Certified Personal Trainer


ISAA Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant with a medical background specifically focusing on body structure and mechanics.  Sarah specializes in training women, pre/post natal and couples.  She will also come to you, providing in-home training.


Sarah’s mantra “Shoulders Back, Chest Out” is evident in each and every one of her clients as they transform body and mind, learning that confidence is contagious.  “Strong by Sarah” individual approach to training is challenging and invigorating; producing positive results while improving the quality of life for all of her clients.  Her perpetual motion produces a high level of motivation which is fun and effective (“Ass to the grass.”)


Sarah is Shasta County native growing up in a family of six in Whitmore, and she is the mother of two adult children.  Sarah has been involved fitness and athletics throughout her entire life; beginning her personal training career in 2012.  As one of the original trainers at EveryDay Fitness, Sarah is well versed in what it takes to work with goal-driven clients who share a passion to improve their overall fitness and lifestyle.

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