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Larry graduated from Rio Americano High School in 1972. Earning a football scholarship he went to Oregon State University from 1972-75. From college Larry went into the transportation industry where his work ethic and sense of drive helped him work his way up the corporate ladder. He started as a Loader in 1976 and retired as Director of Operations of the western region FedEx Corporation in 2005. His ability to manage processes and people allowed him to successfully manage as few as 25 people as a Dispatcher in 1979 to as many as 3,000 people as Director of Operations from 1994 to 2005. It is this experience that allows Larry to manage Human Resources and Operations of EveryDay Fitness and Training, Inc. He has created a team spirit in all employees, subcontractors and members of EveryDay Fitness and Training, Inc, helping to ensure that everyone always feels welcome and that the details that make EveryDay Fitness successful are never forgotten. Larry is committed to family, friends and his dog Logan! His management experience and experience in life are assets to ensuring the success of EveryDay Fitness and Training.