Kyler Carpenter - Certified Personal Trainer, EFX Instructor

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Born and raised in Redding, Kyler Carpenter began his journey in living a healthy, active lifestyle early in his youth. From structured school sports, to neighborhood pick-up games with friends around the block. Growing up as the oldest sibling with four younger brothers and two younger sisters, Kyler has learned that being a leader is something he was born into. As Kyler began to reach his twenties, he realized how important exercise was for not only his physical wellbeing, but his mental health as well. Kyler is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and does not plan to stop there. He has committed himself to a lifelong journey of helping people live better lives both mentally and physically. 

Today’s world is driven by technology. We are bombarded with notifications on our cell phones 24 seven. We have overloaded schedules with less time for rest. For most of us, we cope with this busy life by eating highly convenient foods to comfort ourselves from our stress and anxiety. Recently the CDC reported that just under 40% (around 93 million) of adults in America are considered obese!

Most of us desire- but do not have the time to engage in true physical education. Meanwhile the fitness and entertainment industry bombard us with images of abnormal bodies and top performing athletes. Looking to grab your attention and money, not true change!

This is where Kyler comes in! His goal, is to get people truly healthy! With custom plans designed for you specifically. Our beauty starts on the inside and transfers outward to our projected selves. Kyler devotes his days to educating, equipping and encouraging people to their next level in life mentally and physically.

With Kyler on your side, The future you aspire to have tomorrow is created by the actions you take today! (TFIT Training)

I can’t say enough about his heart, his work ethic and his hustle...if you want to get fit, if you have health questions, if you want to get back to the gym but don’t know where to start: start with Kyler over at EveryDay Fitness! He’s transparent, encouraging and an absolute blast to work with!
— Joshua C.

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