New Fitness Camp: Three Pillars Bootcamp!

EveryDay Fitness Boot Camps Summer, Redding California Three Pillars Bootcamp

Improve your pain, posture, and performance by training your brain!

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EveryDay Fitness Boot Camps Summer, Redding California

Where: EveryDay Fitness

When: August 3-October 19, Fridays, 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Price: $360 for members, $400 for non-members



Changes and Results. Those who complete the 3 Pillars Strong program, experience increased levels of skill and performance in any and all activities they do (Move Well), feel more stable and balanced (Balance Well), and have clearer vision and skill (See Well).

Beyond that, participants reduce or eliminate pains, hit new PR’s, feel more capable moving and controlling their body, as well as being surprised by other positive changes. The 3 Pillars Strong Training is designed to radically alter the Health & Fitness landscape in your favor. We are excited to have you, and the changes you have coming your way! Let’s get 3 Pillars Strong!

Three Pillars is a class designed to help you unlock your potential by integrating your visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems. You may not know what that is, and that's ok. You'll learn why they're so important, and learn how to train them.

Long story short, they play a major role in pain, posture, and performance. You will learn drills to help you get out of pain and perform at your best everyday, and you will have the structure to maintain and build on your current level of health and fitness.

Why is this important for you? Everyone is an athlete! Movement is the currency of life itself, and everyone has to move to live their life. You have to move to compete in the marketplace, to take care of your kids, and even just simply to survive!


1. Community and Accountability.

You'll go on this journey with other people like you. People looking to live better, more free lives. You'll enjoy getting together for class each week and learn how to create new habits together!

2. You're own Three Pillars Tracking Manual.

This will give you explanations on the teaching for the day, guided tracking to your progress, and structure to start creating new habits to make your life better.

3. Discounts on personal sessions with Tony.

You'll get a 33% discount on personal training sessions. So if you want or need extra help or work, or miss a class and want to make it up in a personal session. You'll only pay $50 a session compared to the normal $75 an hour rate.

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