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4 Helpful Tips for Staying in Shape This Fall

Staying in Shape During Fall | EveryDay Fitness

Fall is here in full force, and along with it, lots of new yummy food choices and reasons to stay inside. We eat up to 200 calories more per day in the fall & not just because of Thanksgiving. With the Football season underway & all new fall lineups available to watch on TV, we have more excuses than ever to cuddle up in front of the TV screen, munching on chicken wings and enjoying a creamy pumpkin spice latte.

Here are 4 helpful tips for Staying in shape this fall.

1. Get Outside to Exercise

With fall comes more moderate weather, and breathtaking colors. What better way to stay in shape than taking advantage of this and going for a morning run with a friend? Put on a sweater and your running shoes (and maybe take your camera) and get outside! When the temperature drops too low to exercise outside, consider joining a local gym to maintain your health. You can almost never be too mindful of your health. 

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2. Focus on What You Eat

Staying In Shape During Fall and Thanksgiving | EveryDay Fitness

Buy in season fruits and vegetables, don't binge eat on Game Day, and kick stress and anxiety out of your life. There are many foods - pumpkins, apples, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and more - that are healthy and tasty alternatives to potato chips and chicken wings. Choose wisely. Everything in moderation. When watching the big game, don't bring the whole bag of chips to the couch, but measure it in the kitchen. 

Stress and anxiety also play a big role in falling out of shape - stress-eating for example - so do whatever you can to avoid drama and stress in your life. You'll thank yourself for the benefits. 

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3. Watch your candy intake 

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With Halloween around the corner, there are many, many opportunities to sneak in a candy bar or "just a few pieces" of candy corn. Some sugar and candy is fine; always everything in moderation. But it adds up fast, and if you're not careful, you may start wondering why that favorite pair of jeans barely fits anymore. Have a few sweets on Halloween, but don't indulge yourself. 

4. Be wary of the common cold

The change of seasons is when the flu and common cold hits. To avoid laying in bed for a week because of a cold, make sure to stay hydrated and keep away from the junk food. Avoid getting too close to people who have the flu, and make sure to wash your hands often. Be smart in your day-to-day activities and who you spend them with, and you have a good chance of making it through this fall without having to take a bunch of sick days.

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Looking to join a gym in the Redding area? Look no further than EveryDay Fitness! We have everything you need in a gym. Click below for a FREE One-Week Pass to the gym!

5 Reasons to Start a Self-Defense Class Today

Self-Defense Class in Redding, California

There is almost no better feeling than being able to take care of yourself and feel good about where you are at in life. But for many of us, we are looking for something more than just physical exercise in a gym - we want to feel safe and confident in any situation we may walk into. Enter, self-defense classes. Self-defense instructors teach many different things, and it usually doesn't look like the fight scenes in your favorite movie. Today we'll go over 5 important reasons to consider joining a self-defense class.

1. Safety

The number reason that many take self-defense classes is because of safety. We want to feel protected when we are out on the street at night, or going grocery shopping, or traveling to a foreign country. We want to be able to protect ourselves should a situation arise when we or someone else is being threatened or attacked. Good self-defense instructors will give you the practical skills, as well as the right mindsets, to be able to defend yourself at all times, in all situations.

2. Confidence

Many of us don't feel completely confident that we have what it takes to defend ourselves. With knowing the practical skills that self-defense classes teach, those tools give us a confidence that bleeds into every area of our lives: our relationships, our family life, and our work life. And when we have that confidence, we feel free to take more risks, try new things, and set bigger goals. All because we know that we have what it takes.

Self Defense Classes in Redding, California

3. Fitness

Most self-defense classes focus on being emotionally prepared for an attacker, but being physically prepared for an attack is also equally important. An intense warm-up usually comes first, and next comes learning defense techniques. Through learning self defense, you will maintain your muscle and endurance through practicing, along with other exercise activities. Naturally, your overall fitness will improve. An intense warmup to get your adrenaline pumping, followed by a variety of fitness techniques, will improve your overall body condition while teaching you important self-defense techniques.

4. Self-discipline

Self-defense classes will grow your self-discipline. From showing up to class on time, to being pushed to your limit physically, to pushing through pain, your self-discipline will grow if you keep showing up to class. Your mindsets will start to change and your motivation and dedication will increase.

5. Balance and reflex skills

Improving your balance not only includes the physical balance of your core muscles, but also a mental balance by improving your focus. Self-defense classes teach you how to focus on your target while you control your body. Without balance, it is almost impossible to fight. Through gaining your body control and balance, you will be better prepared to protect yourself mentally and physically. Self-defense classes also help develop your reflexes, which will allow you to move quickly and strategically in such a situation. You will know where to step and where to throw your punch.

EveryDay Fitness has an upcoming self-defense class starting October 2nd. Click the button below to learn more!

Elise Hawkins Nutritional Therapy is now Shasta Nutritional Therapy!

EveryDay Fitness - Shasta Nutritional Therapy

From: Shasta Nutritional Therapy.

Our name changed!

That's right! In anticipation for expansion of the practice, and possible additions (stay tuned) it only made sense to change to a more inclusive name for the Nutritional Therapy Practice. Although Elise is still 100% actively involved, our name will change from: Elise Hawkins Nutritional Therapy to: Shasta Nutritional Therapy, but the quality of care will still remain (and hopefully improve!).

One-Time Only Special Offer

It's the 3-year anniversary since opening the nutritional therapy practice, and in celebration, we're offering the entire 3-Month-Nutritional-Therapy-Program for only $393 (Valued at $540) for the next 3 days.

This means, you must have a confirmed appointment for a 3 Month Program booked online by Friday, August 25th at 11:59pm to qualify for the special offer.This is a one-time offer and will not be available again. You can schedule your Initial Consultation for the program up to 23 days out from the day you confirmed your appointment (no later than September 20th 2017).

So if you've been considering learning more about optimizing your health, along with finding out what your body needs, how to balance your hormones, clean up your diet, and embark on a personalized nutritional therapy program designed specifically for you---- this is the perfect opportunity!

Remember you MUST go online and have your appointment confirmed to us before Friday August 25th at 11:59pmYou can schedule this appointment for anytime before September 20th, but it must be confirmed in the next 3 days.

Looking forward to supporting you in this next chapter of your health journey. As always, may you be ever increasing in health!

Elise Hawkins Nutritional Practitioner

6 Tips on Reading Food Nutrition Labels

EveryDay Fitness - Elise Hawkins Nutritional Therapy

From Shasta Nutritional Therapy.

When it comes to making healthier food choices and implementing more nutrient-packed foods into your diet, one of the most important things that you can do is learn how to read and understand food labels so that you can make sure the foods that you are purchasing really do carry all the nutrients that you are looking for. While some foods might say “natural” or “organic” on the front cover, it is best to take a closer look at the ingredients so that you know for sure what you will really be putting into your body. So what are some things that are good to look for when you are reading food labels on different food items? Here are some of my personal tips on what to look for under the nutrition facts label as you are browsing grocery stores and making your shopping decisions.

1. Look for only 3-5 ingredients or less

The more ingredients in a packaged food item, the more highly processed it probably is. The less ingredients, the better.

2. Avoid high fructose corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup is sweeter and cheaper than sugar, which is why it is in almost every processed food or sweetened drink. Ingesting high fructose corn syrup can create fat production in the liver, which can lead to liver problems. 

3. Avoid hidden sugars

When you are checking a food nutrition label, be sure to check for artificial sweeteners that may possibly contain sucralose. Artificial sweeteners that contain sucralose can cause harmful biological effects in the body. If you want to sweeten something up, try adding a little bit of a raw form of sugar like some local raw honey.

EveryDay Fitness - Nutritional Therapy

4. No sugar in the first 3 ingredients

The first 3 ingredients in a food item make up the majority of what you will be eating. This means that if sugar is one of the first 3 ingredients in the food item you are thinking about purchasing, you will mostly be eating sugar. Even if a food or drink item says organic or natural, it’s still a great idea to check the ingredients because those food or drink items could still potentially carry a lot of sugar.

5. Avoid hydrogenated fat, trans fat, and hydrogenated or processed oils

In 2015, the FDA determined that trans fats are not generally recognized as safe for human consumption. It has been determined that consuming trans fats can lead to serious health issues. In the same way, hydrogenated or processed oils carry harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your health. Many processed, packaged items have been produced in oils that have been heated to high degrees, making them unsafe to eat.

6. Real food ingredients

The best thing that you can do when it comes to making healthy meals every day is incorporate as many real, raw food ingredients into your meal as possible. The more real food you have in your meal, the better!  

If you would like more information on what kinds of foods you can implement into your daily meals that would best benefit your body, it would be extremely beneficial for you to set up a consultation with a nutritional therapist! Elise Hawkins is a nutritional therapist in Redding who loves to partner with individuals to help them find out what their bodies really need so that they can ultimately reach their health and fitness goals. Whatever health or fitness goals your may have, whether it is the desire to lose weight or the desire to learn how to incorporate healthy meals into your every day life, Elise Hawkins would love to help you achieve those goals by finding out what your body really needs through counseling, education, and nutritional implementation. For high-quality nutritional therapy in Redding, and nutrition services in Shasta County don’t hesitate to contact Shasta Nutritional Therapy!

TJ'S Self Defense Boot Camp

TJ's Self Defense Boot Camp

TJ's Self Defense Boot Camp

TJ's Self Defense Boot Camp

  • Starts October 2nd
  • Taught by Certified Law Enforcement Self Defense Instructor Tony Jackson
  • 4 week camp
  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 5 - 6 PM
  • $100 per person
  • EverydayFitness Membership NOT required
  • Open to women and men

Sign up at front desk

Tony has been teaching a cardio boxing/self defense class here for 6+ months. He also has his own DoJo that is very successful.

Tony has over 31 years of experience and is a certified self-defense instructor as well as a certified CCW instructor. Tony is a certified 3rd-degree black belt in Juko-Kai and holds a black belt in Aikido. His background in law enforcement has also earned him the title of Certified Law Enforcement Self Defense Instructor. Tony is a sanctioned amateur kickboxer with a total of 12 wins and 2 losses.

Tony Jackson's Self Defense Boot Camp at EverydayFitness

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Women with Weights Boot Camp

Women With Weights EveryDay Fitness Redding.jpg

Women With Weights Boot Camp

    Cost: $300


    September 5th - November 30th

    • Tuesday and Thursday, 6-7 PM (Kids club is open but not included in the cost of the camp) 

    • Small Group Training
    • Personalized Meal Plan
    • Full Access Membership to EverydayFitness
    • Weekly Goal Check-Ins
    • Individual Workout Plans
    • Accountability and Camaraderie
    • Friendly, Women-only Group
    • Strength Training, Cardio, and More
    • Outdoor activities 1-2 times per month: hiking, snow shoeing, etc. (optional and at participant's cost if applicable)

    Sign Up at the Front Desk

    Meet Your Instructor

    Destiny Rose, Instructor of Women with Weights Boot Camp

    Destiny Rose, Instructor of Women with Weights Boot Camp

    Women With Weights Fitness Class Redding California
    Women With Weights Fitness Class Redding California
    Women With Weights EverdayFitness Redding California
    Women With Weights EverdayFitness Redding California

    Reach your goal, win the Grand Prize!

    Grand Prize:

    HALF OFF the next Women with Weights Boot Camp, a 3 month Membership to EverydayFitness that can be used when not participating in the Women with Weights Boot Camp, and a Women with Weights Tank Top and other EverydayFitness goodies!

    Sign Up at the Front Desk

    Testimonials from Women with weights

    Vicky Thompson We wouldn't be where we are without you Destiny Rose Drdf..You are a great trainer and motivator, I actually look forward to our class....most of the time :)

    Cristina Wallace Oh my look at us! Looking forward to being back tonight. Thank you Destiny for pushing us

    Cara Cogburn We love you Destiny Rose Drdf!!

    Jami Poole You're awesome Destiny. Thank you for kicking our booties tonight!💗🤔

    Danielle Rullman We love you Destiny Rose Drdf!!!

    Roberta L McLaughlin U r the best! #drdf

    Rohnda Humphries That was so fun &hard !!!! Dang girl you killed it.

    Vicky Thompson So much pain..but will be so worth it

    Jami Poole I'm sad we only have two weeks! You're awesome Destiny Rose Drdf. Thank you for pushing us so hard. Love this group of ladies!

    Vicky Thompson I agree with Jami, it is a great group to work out with. We got lucky to get Destiny Rose as our trainer 🍀

    Rohnda Humphries I am gonna miss Destiny Rose Drdf bossing us around. Lol 👅But only for a month than its on again .....💙💚💛💜

    Danielle Rullman Destiny is amazing how she knows when to turn up the heat and when to let us rest 😜
    Pushing us just enough to see results and feel empowered.

    Cara Cogburn We love you Destiny Rose Drdf! Such an awesome group of ladies!

    Laura Menard McDonald Love love love this class❤️👍🙋🏻

    Lori Daniels Jackson You have so much to do with why it works Destiny Rose Drdf! Thank you for being a supportive woman to other women. We need more of those.

    Lori Jackson Dear Everyday Fitness,

         I joined Women with Weights because I was feeling stuck, sad and really down on myself. Everything about it was new. The gym, the people and the idea of lifting weights. I took all of those nerves and self-doubt and promised to give 100%, not only to change my body, but my mind.

         In the beginning, I felt so unsure of myself, but Destiny is a force. When she walks in and tells you that you will be stronger, faster, and fitter you just believe her. She said she had faith in me when I hadn't quite found it yet. The workouts were constantly different and challenging.  Each week building on the next. It wasn't long before we were highfive-ing, and cheering each other on to push harder and faster than before. We were a team being led by our biggest cheerleader. 

         My goals were reached two months in to the three-month program, which was so rewarding. Most importantly though I found a love of lifting weights, a supportive fun place to work out, and the spark for life I had been missing. I'm thankful every day that Destiny came into my life. 

    Thank you

    Sign Up at the Front Desk

    Exclusive Deals for Former Fitness Express Members

    Fitness Express closes doors without notice to any members. 

    Fitness Express closes doors without notice to any members. 

    Exclusive offers for past Fitness Express members. 





    • We are welcoming all former members/victims of Fitness Express with open arms!
    • Whether they have visited here before, been a member, etc they are eligible for a FREE WEEK PASS
    • When they are ready to join, we have exclusive membership options just for them!
    • They need to show proof they were a member of Fitness Express by either turning in their membership ID/key chain or showing us a Fitness Express charge on their bank statement.
    • Come in anytime for a tour, learn about your exclusive membership options or to join!

    The Best (And Coolest) Fitness Tech of 2017

    Best Fitness Tech of 2017, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

    As technology becomes smaller, smarter and more integrated into our lives, wearing it has become the new social standard. Whether it's smartwatches, fitness trackers or even clothing, the tech you can wear to keep tabs on your fitness levels is more popular than ever. But with so many fitness gadgets and smart tech on the market, it’s hard to separate the good from the bad and un-cool.

    With that, we’ve picked out some of the best and coolest health and fitness tech to help you stay fit, healthy, and trendy in the modern age.

    1. Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker

    Best Fitness Tech of 2017, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

    The Alta HR by Fitbit isn’t just about measuring daily exercise. Its primary focus is measuring and improving sleep, working alongside fresh innovations called Sleep Stages and Sleep Insight, which Fitbit says is “a new advance in sleep tracking tech”.

    Developed with leading sleep experts, Sleep Stages is powered by Fitbit’s heart rate technology, which analyses heart rate variability to estimate the amount of time you spend in light, deep and REM sleep, as well as time awake each night, to better understand your sleep quality. Sleep Insights then uses this data to provide personalized guidance on how to improve your sleep for better overall health. We think it's a pretty cool tracker. 

    2. Under Armour smart shoes

    Under Armour Smart Shoes, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

    If you don’t trust strapping expensive wearables to yourself before plunging head first into fitness - where there’s a risk you could lose them, never to be seen again - there’s always the option of “invisible” wearable tech. Take these Under Armour smart shoes, for instance. The sports apparel company has integrated a fitness tracker right into the soles of the shoes, so you don’t need to adorn a smartwatch or tracker to record your fitness data. Being the most intelligent trainers you’ll ever slip your feet into, they boast an accelerometer to record running metrics and Bluetooth connectivity that saves it all to an app afterwards. And they’re great for pre-event training, too, as they engage you in a pre-run jump test that measures how ready your body is to run.

    3. Myontec Mbody connected shorts

    Best Fitness Tech of 2017, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

    The price is a bit excessive for gym shorts, but Myontec claims to offer “the most comprehensive and advanced training system available” with its fitness-tracking hip-huggers. These shorts aren’t just a run of the mill wearable, they are designed especially for cyclists, duathletes and triathletes by collecting combined muscle load with heart rate data, such as cadence, speed and distance. The shorts connect to the app on your mobile device via Bluetooth to give you your vitals, but at the same time help you forget you’re wearing them thanks to their 3D elastic compression textile, which gives athletes comfort and freedom when in use.

    Despite a price that's just under $1,000, these smart shorts make you look pretty darned cool and techy.


    Best Fitness Tech of 2017, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

    Under Armour’s latest training innovation has nothing to do with your workouts.

    The brand’s new line of clothing designed specifically for sleeping, is all about improving sleep quality and helping athletes get the rest they need to maximize post-workout recovery and wake up feeling energized. The new collection of sleepwear is lined with a fabric that reflects heat back to the wearer’s body to mimic effects of Far Infrared therapy - typically used to improve blood flow and aid muscle recovery.

    In addition to testimonials from athletes like Tom Brady and Bryce Harper, Under Armour reports that through testing it has found people falling asleep faster, sleeping longer, and waking up fewer times in the middle of the night while wearing the new products. Not bad for a shirt.

    5. Moov Now Fitness Tracker

    Best Fitness Tech of 2017, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

    The Moov Now is cheap, offers everything you'll want in an everyday tracker and there's a phenomenal six month long battery life. But this watch isn't just designed for step tracking - it comes with boxing and rep-based training, as well as a swimming mode, on top of run coaching and sleep monitoring features. That's a lot to work with.

    If you're looking for a great everyday tracker that doesn't cost a lot of money, the Moov Now will suit you perfectly. And last a really long time. 

    4 Reasons Why a Personal Trainer is Worth the Money

    EveryDay Fitness Redding Personal Trainer.jpg

    The first thing that people tend to think about when it comes to hiring a personal trainer is “how much is a personal trainer going to cost me?” We don’t mean cost as in time, hard work & commitment, we mean in relation to your wallet. Consider this; for most people, hiring a personal trainer is the single biggest factor in achieving goals. You don’t need a personal trainer to set goals, we have all done & failed at that on our own. You have to ask yourself is hiring a personal trainer really worth it? Below we have outlined 4 reasons why we think the answer is yes.

    1. Results

    With a personal trainer by your side you will have access & knowledge to the right form & approach, direct motivation & a fitness plan that has been created specifically for your needs. With this in your corner, it is very likely that you’ll get the results you want much faster than going it alone. Personal Trainers also specialize in problem-solving, so when you run into a road block you have someone to help you around! Lastly if you do get off track you will get back on track with a personal trainer vs. by yourself & for most this is the major factor between setting goals & reaching them.

    2. Good Form/Reduced Risk of Injury

    EveryDay Fitness Redding Personal Trainer.jpg

    Unfortunately, there are numerous ways to incur injury in a gym setting, and many times, these occur because someone isn’t using a machine correctly or has improper form with free weights. A personal trainer has been educated in body mechanics and exercise physiology in order to understand how to build strength and flexibility while still protecting joints and tendons. Even if you don’t want an extended personal training relationship, having just a few sessions that focus on form can go a long way toward injury prevention & setting the right foundation of knowledge needed to go it alone with a reduced risk of injury.

    3. Solid Support

    Nobody ever shows up to the gym unmotivated right? Tired? Maybe just put in 1/2 the effort? No? Everybody, yes everybody needs motivation & on some days we need it a lot more than others. Motivation & support is a major part of success & personal trainers are adept at inspiring you to push past your comfort zone, because that’s where the results are found.

    4. Customized Fitness Plan

    When it comes to results, they vary & so do people, goals & fitness levels.  This is why having a customized Fitness Plan mapped out just for you is so critical & well worth the financial investment. Maybe your main focus is to lose weight, while others are trying to recover from injuries, deal with chronic health issues, build muscle, or train for a triathlon.  Maybe you have an past illness or injury that requires modified moves or form. A good Personal Trainer can put together a plan that helps you see what steps you have to take, what timeframe you’ll be working within, and what to look for in terms of progress & results!

    6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Coach for Meal Planning

    EveryDay Fitness Redding CA Gym.jpg

    Navigating meal planning and prepping can be difficult tasks, which is why we always recommend hiring a coach to help you out. A good coach will teach you how to eat healthy and stay healthy, and they will make sure that the meal plan is specific to your needs. Here are 6 fantastic reasons to hire a coach for meal planning.

    1. There is no one size fits all

    There is no cookie-cutter approach to meal planning because everyone is different. We all have different needs, and a coach can help you create a specific plan to get the best results for you. A coach will work with you to make sure that the plan is created with you in mind, so that you can get the best results possible.

    EveryDay Fitness Meal Planning Services.jpg

    2. Reach your goals faster

    A good coach will get to know you and your goals, so they can help direct your course to reach your goals faster. A coach has the expertise and authority to know what to do, and how to help you best. A coach will help you create an actionable plan that you can execute on to reach your goals in a shorter amount of time than if you tried to do it on your own.

    3. An accountability partner

    A coach is an accountability partner. They are right beside you working with you to make sure you follow through on your plan. When you know that your coach is checking in on you every day, week, or month, you want to be sure that you are making progress in order to please your coach. It's a healthy accountability mechanism to help you grow the fastest.

    4. Long-term success

    EveryDay Fitness Redding CA Health Club.jpg

    A coach helps set you up for both short and long-term success. They know your goals and vision, and want to make sure you reach them. Most people gain all weight that was lost back within one year, and over fifty percent of those who deliberately lose weight weigh even more than their original pre-diet weight three to five years later. A good coach will teach you how to eat healthily and confidently for the long-term. Ultimately, they will empower you to find your ideal version of balance between nutrition, exercise, and life so that you can maintain the weight and life that you want to.

    5. Take some pressure off you

    Dieting can be stressful because there are so many decisions to be made every day and every week. A meal planning coach helps make those decisions for you. They will prepare you with actionable strategies to adjust your nutrition and exercise to find balance between staying on plan and enjoying yourself at your friend’s party. All you need to do is trust your coach and execute the plan. Just do your job and let the coach handle the rest.

    Gyms Near Me Redding CA.jpg

    6. Stay motivated

    A great coach will help you stay motivated as you make progress on your plan. They will help you find your "why" behind your goals, and when you know your "why," you work harder, better, and faster. And since you are paying your coach your hard-earned money, that will help keep you honest and motivated to make the best use of your meal plan.


    At EveryDay Fitness in Redding, Ca we have an amazing team of trainers & instructors who are here to help you achieve any & all fitness & health related goals! Click the button below to view our meal planning services and to have a customized plan built just for you.


    MON. - FRI. 5:00AM - 10:00PM / SAT. - SUN. 7:30AM - 6:00PM

    2345 ATHENS AVE. REDDING, CA 96001 / 530.246.1902

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