Stay Fit on Summer Vacation


We all look forward to Summer Vacations, but we also know that they will more than likely include eating out, a couple extra drinks at the pool bar & some much needed rest & relaxation!

With some smart planning you can compensate for some of these extra calories & stay healthy and fit while enjoying some much needed time off.

The simplest way to burn a few extra calories while on vacation is to stay in a hotel that offers a fitness center & to prioritize a little time in the morning each day for a workout!

What else can you do?

Here are a few extra options for staying fit while on Summer Vacation:

Take a Stroll

While waiting for your flight, go for a walk! Most airports have plenty of space to do this & some even have some pretty cool shops, local exhibits & even museums!

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Rent a Bike

Do a little research online & see if your destination has any local spots around your hotel, rent a bike & go for a ride! Not only is this a great way to check out the local scenery, but it will help you get moving & burn a few extra calories!

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Think Outside The Box

Whether you're traveling far or near or simply on a "staycation," think out side of the box & find something new. From kayaking, dancing, hiking, snorkeling & more! Not only will you be moving, but you will be making some amazing memories as well!

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Plan an Active Excursion

A lot of travel destinations have local companies who offer excursions such as horse back riding, kayaking, rafting, hiking, swimming & more! Check out if your destination has any such excursions & book ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Bring Some Food

Pack healthy protein or nut bars in your daypack in case you find yourself out and about for hours. You can eat the bars anytime, anywhere, keeping yourself energized. When you finally sit down for lunch or dinner, you'll be well-balanced and make healthy choices!

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Stay Hydrated

Bring your own water bottles & stay hydrated while you're out having fun. Drinking water during your Summer Vacation will assure a healthy, balanced body and mind!

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When you prioritize your health & fitness as part of your Summer Vacation, you'll return home feeling revitalized, and ready to bring that momentum into your daily life, family & work!