4 Reasons Why a Personal Trainer is Worth the Money

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The first thing that people tend to think about when it comes to hiring a personal trainer is “how much is a personal trainer going to cost me?” We don’t mean cost as in time, hard work & commitment, we mean in relation to your wallet. Consider this; for most people, hiring a personal trainer is the single biggest factor in achieving goals. You don’t need a personal trainer to set goals, we have all done & failed at that on our own. You have to ask yourself is hiring a personal trainer really worth it? Below we have outlined 4 reasons why we think the answer is yes.

1. Results

With a personal trainer by your side you will have access & knowledge to the right form & approach, direct motivation & a fitness plan that has been created specifically for your needs. With this in your corner, it is very likely that you’ll get the results you want much faster than going it alone. Personal Trainers also specialize in problem-solving, so when you run into a road block you have someone to help you around! Lastly if you do get off track you will get back on track with a personal trainer vs. by yourself & for most this is the major factor between setting goals & reaching them.

2. Good Form/Reduced Risk of Injury

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Unfortunately, there are numerous ways to incur injury in a gym setting, and many times, these occur because someone isn’t using a machine correctly or has improper form with free weights. A personal trainer has been educated in body mechanics and exercise physiology in order to understand how to build strength and flexibility while still protecting joints and tendons. Even if you don’t want an extended personal training relationship, having just a few sessions that focus on form can go a long way toward injury prevention & setting the right foundation of knowledge needed to go it alone with a reduced risk of injury.

3. Solid Support

Nobody ever shows up to the gym unmotivated right? Tired? Maybe just put in 1/2 the effort? No? Everybody, yes everybody needs motivation & on some days we need it a lot more than others. Motivation & support is a major part of success & personal trainers are adept at inspiring you to push past your comfort zone, because that’s where the results are found.

4. Customized Fitness Plan

When it comes to results, they vary & so do people, goals & fitness levels.  This is why having a customized Fitness Plan mapped out just for you is so critical & well worth the financial investment. Maybe your main focus is to lose weight, while others are trying to recover from injuries, deal with chronic health issues, build muscle, or train for a triathlon.  Maybe you have an past illness or injury that requires modified moves or form. A good Personal Trainer can put together a plan that helps you see what steps you have to take, what timeframe you’ll be working within, and what to look for in terms of progress & results!