The Best (And Coolest) Fitness Tech of 2017

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As technology becomes smaller, smarter and more integrated into our lives, wearing it has become the new social standard. Whether it's smartwatches, fitness trackers or even clothing, the tech you can wear to keep tabs on your fitness levels is more popular than ever. But with so many fitness gadgets and smart tech on the market, it’s hard to separate the good from the bad and un-cool.

With that, we’ve picked out some of the best and coolest health and fitness tech to help you stay fit, healthy, and trendy in the modern age.

1. Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Tech of 2017, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

The Alta HR by Fitbit isn’t just about measuring daily exercise. Its primary focus is measuring and improving sleep, working alongside fresh innovations called Sleep Stages and Sleep Insight, which Fitbit says is “a new advance in sleep tracking tech”.

Developed with leading sleep experts, Sleep Stages is powered by Fitbit’s heart rate technology, which analyses heart rate variability to estimate the amount of time you spend in light, deep and REM sleep, as well as time awake each night, to better understand your sleep quality. Sleep Insights then uses this data to provide personalized guidance on how to improve your sleep for better overall health. We think it's a pretty cool tracker. 

2. Under Armour smart shoes

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If you don’t trust strapping expensive wearables to yourself before plunging head first into fitness - where there’s a risk you could lose them, never to be seen again - there’s always the option of “invisible” wearable tech. Take these Under Armour smart shoes, for instance. The sports apparel company has integrated a fitness tracker right into the soles of the shoes, so you don’t need to adorn a smartwatch or tracker to record your fitness data. Being the most intelligent trainers you’ll ever slip your feet into, they boast an accelerometer to record running metrics and Bluetooth connectivity that saves it all to an app afterwards. And they’re great for pre-event training, too, as they engage you in a pre-run jump test that measures how ready your body is to run.

3. Myontec Mbody connected shorts

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The price is a bit excessive for gym shorts, but Myontec claims to offer “the most comprehensive and advanced training system available” with its fitness-tracking hip-huggers. These shorts aren’t just a run of the mill wearable, they are designed especially for cyclists, duathletes and triathletes by collecting combined muscle load with heart rate data, such as cadence, speed and distance. The shorts connect to the app on your mobile device via Bluetooth to give you your vitals, but at the same time help you forget you’re wearing them thanks to their 3D elastic compression textile, which gives athletes comfort and freedom when in use.

Despite a price that's just under $1,000, these smart shorts make you look pretty darned cool and techy.


Best Fitness Tech of 2017, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

Under Armour’s latest training innovation has nothing to do with your workouts.

The brand’s new line of clothing designed specifically for sleeping, is all about improving sleep quality and helping athletes get the rest they need to maximize post-workout recovery and wake up feeling energized. The new collection of sleepwear is lined with a fabric that reflects heat back to the wearer’s body to mimic effects of Far Infrared therapy - typically used to improve blood flow and aid muscle recovery.

In addition to testimonials from athletes like Tom Brady and Bryce Harper, Under Armour reports that through testing it has found people falling asleep faster, sleeping longer, and waking up fewer times in the middle of the night while wearing the new products. Not bad for a shirt.

5. Moov Now Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Tech of 2017, EverydayFitness Redding California.jpg

The Moov Now is cheap, offers everything you'll want in an everyday tracker and there's a phenomenal six month long battery life. But this watch isn't just designed for step tracking - it comes with boxing and rep-based training, as well as a swimming mode, on top of run coaching and sleep monitoring features. That's a lot to work with.

If you're looking for a great everyday tracker that doesn't cost a lot of money, the Moov Now will suit you perfectly. And last a really long time.