To Stay Motivated, Find Your Why

Find Your Why at EveryDay Fitness Redding CA Best Gym in Town Near Me

Why do some people seem to have an easier go at life? They are more motivated, happier, and they have the self discipline to do things that most other people would run from. THe answer is this: they have found their "why."

Want to stay motivated in life? Find your "why"

"Why am I doing what I'm doing? Why am I willing to get up at 5:30 AM to go for a run? Why am I able to say "no" to eating out?"

These are questions we need to be asking when we're finding our why (or vision).

People without a why and a vision lack the motivation and discipline to do the hard things that take them where they want to go. Lack of vision breeds complacency and mediocrity.

Without a vision, we don't have the motivation to stick with what we're doing. When we stick to something, it creates momentum, and the longer we keep at it, the stronger the momentum grows and the faster we grow.

Find Your Why at EveryDay Fitness Redding CA Best Gym in Town Near Me

Momentum starts with saying "Yes" to whatever it is that you're focusing on. The more you say yes to that thing, the easier it becomes. 

When you say yes to one thing, it means saying no to another thing. So with your yes, you are saying no to the things that impede your progress. 

With your consistent Yes, the momentum you create carries you forward into what was previously impossible. You find yourself doing things that you could never do before. Lifting more, running farther, jumping higher, getting bigger.

One little "yes" repeated over and over and over again is all it takes.

What are you saying yes to?

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