How to Effectively Bulk: Diet and Weight Training Tips

EveryDay Fitness Gym Club in Redding CA Keys to Effective Bulking

So you want to bulk up and put on strength and size while minimizing fat gain this summer? We have a few tips for you on the blog today. 

Diet and Weight Training Tips for Effective Bulking

1. You need to consumer more calories than you burn

The simple truth about bulking is that it means taking in more calories than you burn. You need an excess of calories in order to give your body what it needs to get bigger. If you don't eat enough calories, you won't get a lot of muscle, period.

Your body cannot create something from nothing, so you need to feed it what it needs.

We'll talk about what you should be eating in the next bullet point.

2. Get your nutrition game on 

You need a healthy dose of macro nutrients - carbs, fats, and proteins - every day. And a good rule of thumb is to make sure that every meal includes a meat portion, a carb portion, and some veggies. 

Meats, eggs, potatoes, rice, peanut butter, nuts, avocado, salads, and stir fry are great base level foods for your bulking journey.

Be wary about eating too much flour or pasta. They can hinder your progress, but every person is different. Experiment and see what effect different foods have on your body.

EveryDay Fitness Gym Club in Redding CA Keys to Effective Bulking

3. Weight training

We recommend full body workouts during your time of bulking. Because you have a caloric excess, your body should recover and heal faster, making it possible to complete about three solid full body training sessions each week.

And because you are taking in more calories than you're burning, the muscle gains will be faster and more noticeable. Have fun bulking this summer!

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