A Little History Lesson About the Fourth of July

4th of July History Lesson at EveryDay Fitness Redding CA

A little history lesson on independence day in the u.s.

On July 4th, 1776, the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence. This historical document marked the birthdate of American independence from Britain.

A little known fact about the Fourth of July, is that the actual vote for independence took place on July 2nd, two days earlier. The vote was near unanimous. Nonetheless, July 4th has continued to be celebrated as the birthday of American independence.

Another fun fact about this day, is that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson - two important signers of the Declaration and both future Presidents - died on July 4th, 1826, 50 years after the signing of the Declaration! Wow.

Why not celebrate this day? Get out on the lake, grill some burgers and hotdogs, and chill with the family, ending the day by watching the fireworks show at night!

The next day, make sure you hit the gym to work off those extra calories gained from the day's festivities!

4th of July History Lesson at EveryDay Fitness Redding CA

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