Ashley McTucker AFPA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant

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Health and fitness started to grow on her years ago when she started working out with Cindy Crawford videos at home. In 2002, a bad car accident almost took her life. It was a life changing event, and after 3 years of trying everything to correct the damage, back surgery was the only option. Leaving serious questions about her future, after a year of healing, she decided she was never going to feel that way again and wanted a change.

Ashley began her career in health and fitness in the fall of 2008 after graduating ITT Tech for computer graphics and design as she had found her passion for health and fitness during her attendance at school. She found her passion was soon becoming noticeable so she decided to become a personal trainer and nutritionist. Led by her mentors in Las Vegas and Cincinnati, she dove in. Since then, she has coached many people from all walks of life from managing celebrity athletes, traveling trainer, helping stay at home moms, to youth and more.

She is dedicated to designing a healthier lifestyle everyone and is here to help you achieve your goals.

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