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Shasta Nutritional Therapy is located in the upstairs loft within EveryDay Fitness.  All new members receive a FREE consultation!

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Welcome to Shasta Nutritional Therapy where together we will "beet" disease and achieve optimal health through counseling, education, and nutrition implementation. I will partner with you in reaching your goals of weight management, digestive and metabolic health, hormone balancing, and much more! Located in Redding, California, Shasta County, Elise Hawkins provides nutrition consultation services in-office and distance online. Explore this site for more information about Nutritional Therapy, Services, Blogs, Supplements and other helpful resources to support your health journey.

About Elise Hawkins, NTP

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Elise is passionate about health and wellness. She learned the importance of taking care of the body from an early age competing in gymnastics, snowboarding and dance. She studied Kinesiology, the study of human movement, at Westmont College and Sacramento State University before going on to specialize as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP#001927). She devotes her time to helping people overcome nutritional deficiencies and imbalances by recognizing the bioindividuality of each client and tailoring a program to meet their nutritional needs. Elise and her husband lead the Action Adventure Community life group at Bethel Church in Redding, Ca.  Elise and her husband also volunteer on the Local Church Pastoral Care team, and Elise has been trained in Heart-Sync inner healing ministry. 

Working with a variety of clients, both male and female of all ages, Elise specializes in Women's Health, which includes: hormone balancing, weight-loss, PMS, fertility, menopause, sport performance, and digestive balancing. 

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Shasta Nutritional Therapy offers highly specialized nutrition consultations that include education and counseling based on the specific needs of the individual. We recognize that each person has a unique history which is often reflected in the sickness or health of their body.

We make it our mission to identify the root causes of the conditions you are experiencing in order to assist you in improving health and achieving optimum wellness. We do this through a comprehensive nutritional exam, a detailed consultation, as well a functional examination including mineral testing and more. Once underlying issues are pinpointed, we design a specific protocol combining nutrition education and counseling with a nutrient-dense whole-food diet, nutritional therapy, and applicable supplementation.