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Certified Personal Trainer, Instructor

Paul has 7+ years of training clients from elementary school through high school, former college players as well as current professional and international athletes. With a focus on mobility/range of motion, skill development, injury prevention, functional training along with strength and conditioning. 

Paul found his passion as an independent trainer because of the freedom of expression when it comes to how we train. This allows him to focus on attention to detail and customize a program to optimize the individual. 

Paul holds himself to an elevated standard of training in the areas of injury prevention, spinal alignment, dynamic movement, sports specific training and beyond. The strength and conditioning portion is where the dynamic training, proven techniques, applied knowledge and hard work are combined with the tools/equipment that will create the durability and longevity of their career.  

Clients can expect to gain a unique and insightful session with knowledge on how to use their whole body in the most safe, dynamic and effective ways to accomplish their goals.  


With proper warm ups, mobility work, strength & conditioning along with callisthenic training. Clients can expect to become more dynamic and versatile overall. Paul is currently certified as an Onnit Unconventional Trainer, ISSA certified and also went to Bryan College which is specific to personal trainers. 

Whether you are a stay at home mother, new to training or need to step up your fitness level in the most effective way, he is the trainer for you!

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When I initially joined Paul’s total transformation class it was at the invitation of a good friend that loved Paul’s class.  The class had already started but I was told that coming in after it was halfway over was no problem.  I was overweight, out of shape and had no strength so I was pretty scared but I immediately felt accepted and supported by the class and especially with the trainer, Paul Jasper.  I personally have never met a trainer and teacher that has been so awesome and extremely passionate about what he does.  From the very first class I could tell that he had a gift for making people feel great while getting back into shape(my case anyway).  Paul is a special and super nice person-like he really cares- and I felt totally comfortable in his class from day one and looked forward to every other class.
Paul is no drama, no intimidation, no pressure, and yet at the same time he encourages and supports me and makes me want to succeed at becoming stronger, fearless and to help me change my body.  At the end of my first class which was only 30 days long I lost almost 2% body fat, have gotten a lot stronger, look much better and feel great too!  I have already signed up to be in his next session and hope that I can train with him forever(LOL).
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