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Destiny Rose – Personal Trainer

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Instructor: Yoga, Strength Training/Cardio Classes

Alaskan born native Destiny Rose moved to the north state in the early 2000’s. She has been involved with fitness, athletics, and dance throughout her life. Finding her passion at a very young age lead to the inspiration and creating of her own business: Destiny Rose Dance & Fitness (DRDF). She’s worked with children, adults, athletes, and dancers of all levels. Destiny’s background in dance has influenced how she trains her clients, focusing on body awareness, core strength, breathing, alignment, posture, and corrective exercise. She loves encouraging goal driven clients to achieve healthy lifestyles and fueling their passion for fitness. Destiny’s mantra is “It’s not about ‘how much’ you lift, it’s HOW you lift.”

As your trainer, Destiny’s goals include encouraging a positive mind set, creating change from the inside out, and helping guide each client through their journey. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for the fitness industry. She wants to help show you the tools, so you can use them not only for reaching personal goals but throughout life. Her focuses include teaching technique, proper form, and being conscience of the mind to muscle connection as you train.

Has worked with:

Upper Hand Athletics

Visual Rhythms

Redding School of the Arts

Dance Redbluff

Redding Recreation

Sequoia Middle School


Dance Instructor since 2007

Group Fitness/Personal Training since 2010

4 years Competitive Dancer

2 years competitive Athlete

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