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Deanna Guinasso – Certified Personal Trainer

Deanna Jones-Guinasso is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with over 49 years of experience!  She is a pioneer in the sport of Women’s Bodybuilding.

Deanna is the inventor of the Suzanne Somers Butt Master as well as the Primal Torque.

She specializes in women’s overall fitness, deep tissue body work and postural integration.

Deanna is also available for contest prep and posing sessions.

She is available for one-on-one or small group sessions, as well as fitness workshops and seminars!


CPT Certified Personal Trainer     5o years                                                                                                          

CMT Certified Massage Therapist     30 years                                                                                                    

CPI Certified Postural Integration   26 years                                                                                             

Certified Flex/Silver Sneakers   2017                                                          


Personal Trainer since 1968

Pioneer in the Sport of Women’s Bodybuilding                                                                                      

Inventor of Suzanne Somers’ ButtMaster®                                                                                                     

Inventor of Primal Torque®

Competed in Bodybuilding   20 years                                                                                                                          

Ran San Francisco Marathon   3 times

Roller Skated 100 miles   2 times

CTM Certified Toast Masters® Club No 4014   1992

CEMT Certified Equine Massage Therapist 2000




One on One                                                 

Small Group                                                

Contest Preparation


Audited classes at Boise State University Anatomy/Kinesiology   1982                

College of San Mateo Anatomy1988                                       

McKinnon Institute CMT1989                                                 

PI and Emotional Release TherapyPhase I/II1991

Hayward State UniversityCPT1996                                       

Basic CPT-4 ICD 9-CM Medical Coding   2001

NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine   2016              

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