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Katie Morton – Certified Personal Trainer, Instructor

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Instructor: EFX

Level 1 CrossFit Certified, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Growing up, Katie was involved in athletics and has always been very sports-minded. She attributes her love of fitness to the many years of participating in athletics. Katie got involved with fitness to gain strength and for the enjoyment of it, but believes that fitness is not only about physical strength but mental strength as well. She works hard to push herself to her own personal limits as well as pushing others to theirs.

Katie specializes in high intensity programming and loves to motivate clients to the best of their abilities and beyond! She is energetic and creative and brings that same attitude to her style of training. She helps her clients to improve strength and endurance with exercises and workouts to best fit the clients’ interests, so they maintain their fitness goals. Her passion for fitness and understanding a balance of living a healthy lifestyle can help to achieve optimal fitness!

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