How to Crush Through Your Fitness Goals in the New Year

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We cannot hope to live the lives we want to, or attain the health we need, on accident. It must be on purpose. It must be with a vision. To have a vision means to have hope.

Setting goals (or New Years Resolutions) is one of the most powerful ways to create real change in your life. Today, we'll show you a few ways that you can set yourself up for success in 2018, and crush through your fitness and health goals in the New Year!

How to Crush Your Fitness Goals in 2018!

1. Review the past year

You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. Take time to review the past year. The mistakes, the accomplishments, the good, bad, and the ugly. What worked? What didn't?

Did you achieve your fitness goals? If not, what can you do different this time? If yes, can you do that again this year?

Look at how far you've come, and celebrate the successes you had! Take time to appreciate where you were and where you are today.

2. Set real goals

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Goals are one of the most powerful ways you will change your life. 

Let's define what a real goal is: 

  • A real goal has a deadline
  • It is specific
  • It is attainable 
  • Must be measurable (how will you know when you completed it?)

For example, "Lose weight," "be healthy," or "eat better" are NOT goals. Those are wishes, and more than likely won't happen.

Instead, replace those vague goals with something like "Lose 15 pounds by June 1st," "Run 1 mile twice a week and go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the entire year," or "Create a meal plan every Sunday, using more fruits and vegetables." Those are real goals.

They are action steps. That is where the power is. We can't allow ourselves to write vague, purposeless things that won't get done. This is part of the reason why we aren't getting where we need to go, because we are afraid to fail at doing.

If we do, we might fail. But that's part of the process. Forget about perfection!

3. Dream big

You're not doing yourself or the world any favors by thinking small. 

This year, small thinking is not allowed. You need to think and dream BIG. Bigger than you ever have. Bigger than you have the faith for.

"Big people have big dreams and small people have small dreams. If you want to change who you are, begin by changing the size of your dream. The size of your dream determines the size of your impact."

4. Be consistent + flexible

If you don't have consistency in your life, and the maturity that comes along with the ability to be consistent in any endeavor, then chances are high that you won't get anywhere good anytime soon. 

Consistency is what sets the winners apart from the losers, the wealthy from the poor, the influential from the voiceless. We must be consistent in whatever it is that we're pursuing, whether it's in relationships, business, or health.

Also, flexibility is a big key to being successful in running the race towards our destiny. If in June it becomes clear that we need to stop going after a certain goal, we need to have the flexibility to say "no" to that goals and divert our attention and energy elsewhere.

5. Get to work

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You have much to do. Think beyond just one year. Think in terms of 5 years, 10, 30 years from today.

One year from today, you'll wish you had started today.

And then go to work on what is in front of you today. Dream about the future, but go to work in the present, and please, be present in today. 

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