3 Incredible Benefits of Meal Planning

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Meal planning makes a huge difference when it comes to sticking to a diet, especially entering the holiday season. It’s easy to cook a quick convenience food or head to a restaurant when everyone is hungry and nothing is defrosted, but a little planning can prevent this. But why else should you plan out your meals? Read 3 benefits below. We also recommend visiting this previous blog on meal planning.

Here are 3 Incredible Benefits of Meal Planning

1. Save time and Money

When you plan out your meals for the week, you have an ingredients list will help you be more intentional about what to buy (and what not to), reducing the chance that you will buy something you don't need, thus saving money. It's also easy to revert to going out to a fast food chain at 7 PM at the end of a busy day when you don't have the mental energy to think about making dinner, and restaurant food is almost always more expensive than home cooking.

Meal planning will help you stick to a budget, keeping you from spending money that you don't have. It requires some time up front to plan out the meals, but saves time later on. If you don't have the time, we have a 4-week meal plan special that's just for you. Contact us today to get started!

Meal Planning in Redding CA with EveryDay Fitness Gym

2. Brings Peace of Mind and Reduces Stress

Meal Planning in Redding CA with EveryDay Fitness Gym

Not constantly thinking, "What's for dinner tonight" will reduce a lot of unnecessary stress. Meal planning gives peace of mind, just knowing that dinner is planned. 

Everyone knows how stressful it is to make a last minute decision about a meal. You race home from work frantic and hungry, knowing you have just a short time to choose a dinner and get it cooked and on the table. If you have a meal plan, you can take care of things in advance and all that is left at the end of a long day are those last few things to cook.

3. Meal Planning will help you eat healthier

How many times have you opted to go through the fast food drive-thru instead of preparing a proper healthy meal? Probably more times than you care to admit. Meal planning eliminates the need to rely on this unhealthy last minute option. Having a plan gives you the healthier alternative to fast food, which we know isn't doing our bodies any good. During the holidays especially, it is easy to go off the deep end and over-eating or eating too much of the wrong things. Meal plans help keep you focused and on track.

Most microwave and TV dinners are just as bad. When you plan meals, you can avoid eating these nutritionally lacking foods. Instead, you can spend time thinking of well-balanced meals and how you can prepare them.

Meal Planning in Redding CA with EveryDay Fitness Gym

Do you need help with meal planning? Let us do it for you. Contact us today to have a 4 week meal plan built for you for a special price!