4 Keys to Staying Motivated During the Holidays

Stay Motivated During the Holidays | EveryDay Fitness Redding CA

Let's face it, the holidays can be a drag for many of us. With the colder weather keeping us inside more, and the almost constant temptation of delicious foods, staying motivated about your health is often challenging. The good news is, there is no secret to staying in shape during the holidays! It's not rocket science, but it does take discipline and endurance to stick it out. Below we share a few tips for how you can stay motivated and own your health during the holiday season.

4 Simple Keys to Staying healthy and motivated during the holidays

1. Find a Workout Buddy

Stay Motivated During the Holidays | EveryDay Fitness Redding CA

Working out by yourself doesn't have to be your reality. Find a friend who has the same mission as you: staying in shape throughout the whole year. Go to the gym together, go running together, have fun exercising together. Staying healthy doesn't have to be a drag. Don't do it alone!

2. Find your "Why"

Stay Motivated During the Holidays | EveryDay Fitness Redding CA

Let's be honest, most "fitness education" only talks about external motivation - relying on things outside of ourselves to keep us motivated. This isn't all bad, we do need some external motivation in our lives. However, internal motivation is the real key to moving forward in life and health. Finding your internal "why" is critical. What's your vision for your health, for your life, for your relationships? Why are you willing to endure the hard things that come against you in order to see a better future? Answer these questions, and it becomes much easier to say "no" to that slice of pumpkin pie or that extra helping of mashed potatoes when you know your "why."

3. Ditch the "All or Nothing" Mindset

Stay Motivated During the Holidays | EveryDay Fitness Redding CA

A lot of people have an "all or nothing" mindset when it comes to fitness and health. They place high expectations on themselves to be absolutely perfect in the areas of nutrition and fitness, but as soon as they fail to meet those expectations, they fall back into old patterns and habits. Pretty soon, they give up altogether. We must ditch that mindset. Allow yourself some room in your fitness plan for dessert. Expecting perfection is a bad plan. 

4. Plan your Exercise

Stay Motivated During the Holidays | EveryDay Fitness Redding CA

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." There is always time for a workout - if you plan for it. Some is always better than none. Even if you don't have a perfect exercise plan in place, a bad plan is sometimes better than no plan at all. Set yourself up for success this holiday season and create a plan for your health. You'll thank yourself for it on New Years.

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New Assault Air Runner Running Machines at everyday fitness

EDF AirRunners Blog.jpg

NEW assault fitness air runners at everyday fitness!

The premiere elite fitness running machine packing an intense workout into a small package is now available at EveryDay Fitness! Like running on air, but with a powerful amount of punch. This treadmill is like none you have ever known, burning up to 30% more calories than the average motorized version and built with intense training in mind.

  • Tough on You, Easy on the Environment

A remarkable feature, the AirRunner runs on your energy, with zero electrical consumption and a low carbon footprint. You’ll be amazed at what a hardcore workout can come from the power of your own two feet. The AirRunner is also the lightest treadmill available with a 33” width.

  • Optimal for Interval Training

Because the Assault team knows the effectiveness of interval training, our treadmill was designed with HIIT in mind. Burning up to 30% more calories than a motorized treadmill, users can change speeds at will. In addition, this badboy has no maximum speed, so feel free to push it as hard as possible.

maxresdefault (2).jpg
  • Commercial Durability

The AirRunner is well-appointed to kick your a** for years, built with a steel frame and handrails, corrosion resistant hardware, and a slat belt running surface that lasts up to 150,000 miles. That’s right – that’s not a typo: 150,000. There’s no need for you to adjust the belt tension or replace the deck. This treadmill is the easiest to maintain that you’ll find anywhere.

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3 Incredible Benefits of Meal Planning

Meal Planning Redding CA EveryDay Fitness Gym

Meal planning makes a huge difference when it comes to sticking to a diet, especially entering the holiday season. It’s easy to cook a quick convenience food or head to a restaurant when everyone is hungry and nothing is defrosted, but a little planning can prevent this. But why else should you plan out your meals? Read 3 benefits below. We also recommend visiting this previous blog on meal planning.

Here are 3 Incredible Benefits of Meal Planning

1. Save time and Money

When you plan out your meals for the week, you have an ingredients list will help you be more intentional about what to buy (and what not to), reducing the chance that you will buy something you don't need, thus saving money. It's also easy to revert to going out to a fast food chain at 7 PM at the end of a busy day when you don't have the mental energy to think about making dinner, and restaurant food is almost always more expensive than home cooking.

Meal planning will help you stick to a budget, keeping you from spending money that you don't have. It requires some time up front to plan out the meals, but saves time later on. If you don't have the time, we have a 4-week meal plan special that's just for you. Contact us today to get started!

Meal Planning in Redding CA with EveryDay Fitness Gym

2. Brings Peace of Mind and Reduces Stress

Meal Planning in Redding CA with EveryDay Fitness Gym

Not constantly thinking, "What's for dinner tonight" will reduce a lot of unnecessary stress. Meal planning gives peace of mind, just knowing that dinner is planned. 

Everyone knows how stressful it is to make a last minute decision about a meal. You race home from work frantic and hungry, knowing you have just a short time to choose a dinner and get it cooked and on the table. If you have a meal plan, you can take care of things in advance and all that is left at the end of a long day are those last few things to cook.

3. Meal Planning will help you eat healthier

How many times have you opted to go through the fast food drive-thru instead of preparing a proper healthy meal? Probably more times than you care to admit. Meal planning eliminates the need to rely on this unhealthy last minute option. Having a plan gives you the healthier alternative to fast food, which we know isn't doing our bodies any good. During the holidays especially, it is easy to go off the deep end and over-eating or eating too much of the wrong things. Meal plans help keep you focused and on track.

Most microwave and TV dinners are just as bad. When you plan meals, you can avoid eating these nutritionally lacking foods. Instead, you can spend time thinking of well-balanced meals and how you can prepare them.

Meal Planning in Redding CA with EveryDay Fitness Gym

Do you need help with meal planning? Let us do it for you. Contact us today to have a 4 week meal plan built for you for a special price!

6 Fun Fall Workout Ideas to Inspire You

Best Gyms in Redding California

It's getting colder outside and the colors are turning, why not take advantage of it and get outside for your workouts? It's a great excuse to stay in shape and have fun while you're at it! Let's make the most of the season change.

Here are 6 Fun Fall Workout Ideas to Inspire You.

1. Trail Running

6 Fun Fall Workout Ideas to Inspire You | EveryDay Fitness Redding

There is nothing better than running a trail in the crisp autumn air. Trail running provides a fresh change of scenery, and an inspiring one too. Find a river trail or park trail and get your cardio in.

2. Buddy WOrkouts

Gyms Near Me in Redding California | EveryDay Fitness

Don't exercise alone! Grab a buddy and workout together. You will both stay motivated, and you can have fun and build relationship at the same time you are exercising. 

Take any of these fall workouts and ask a friend to join you. Immediate fun.

3. Get a Gym Membership 

Gyms Near Me in Redding California | EveryDay Fitness

It sometimes gets too chilly or rainy as we approach winter, so now is the perfect time to find a local gym and make sure your routines and habits don't get out of whack.

EveryDay Fitness offers the very best in training and the largest selection of equipment for Redding. We are determined to ensure an atmosphere that all walks of life can feel comfortable in everyday! 

4. Trail Biking

Autumn is the perfect time to bring out your trail bike again. It may have been too hot this summer, so why not take advantage of it this fall? Find a trail and get lost. An hour-long ride will knock off 500 calories or more.

6 Fun Fall Workout Ideas to Inspire You | EveryDay Fitness Redding

5. Outdoor Sports

Best Gyms in Shasta County | EveryDay Fitness

Sports are not only a great way to stay in shape, but they are extremely fun and healthy for your heart and soul as well. Play a game of tag, touch football, basketball, or whatever you enjoy. Grab a group of friends and have fun! 

6. Mountain Hiking

With Redding's vast array of hiking to waterfalls and mountains, it gives you the perfect excuse to take a day out of your weekend, find a buddy, and get out in nature. Make sure you have a good pair of hiking shoes and lots of water.

6 Fun Fall Workout Ideas to Inspire You | EveryDay Fitness Redding

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4 Helpful Tips for Staying in Shape This Fall

Staying in Shape During Fall | EveryDay Fitness

Fall is here in full force, and along with it, lots of new yummy food choices and reasons to stay inside. We eat up to 200 calories more per day in the fall & not just because of Thanksgiving. With the Football season underway & all new fall lineups available to watch on TV, we have more excuses than ever to cuddle up in front of the TV screen, munching on chicken wings and enjoying a creamy pumpkin spice latte.

Here are 4 helpful tips for Staying in shape this fall.

1. Get Outside to Exercise

With fall comes more moderate weather, and breathtaking colors. What better way to stay in shape than taking advantage of this and going for a morning run with a friend? Put on a sweater and your running shoes (and maybe take your camera) and get outside! When the temperature drops too low to exercise outside, consider joining a local gym to maintain your health. You can almost never be too mindful of your health. 

Top Gym in Redding CA.jpg

2. Focus on What You Eat

Staying In Shape During Fall and Thanksgiving | EveryDay Fitness

Buy in season fruits and vegetables, don't binge eat on Game Day, and kick stress and anxiety out of your life. There are many foods - pumpkins, apples, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and more - that are healthy and tasty alternatives to potato chips and chicken wings. Choose wisely. Everything in moderation. When watching the big game, don't bring the whole bag of chips to the couch, but measure it in the kitchen. 

Stress and anxiety also play a big role in falling out of shape - stress-eating for example - so do whatever you can to avoid drama and stress in your life. You'll thank yourself for the benefits. 

Best Gym in Redding CA.jpg

3. Watch your candy intake 

Best Gym in Redding CA.jpg

With Halloween around the corner, there are many, many opportunities to sneak in a candy bar or "just a few pieces" of candy corn. Some sugar and candy is fine; always everything in moderation. But it adds up fast, and if you're not careful, you may start wondering why that favorite pair of jeans barely fits anymore. Have a few sweets on Halloween, but don't indulge yourself. 

4. Be wary of the common cold

The change of seasons is when the flu and common cold hits. To avoid laying in bed for a week because of a cold, make sure to stay hydrated and keep away from the junk food. Avoid getting too close to people who have the flu, and make sure to wash your hands often. Be smart in your day-to-day activities and who you spend them with, and you have a good chance of making it through this fall without having to take a bunch of sick days.

Best Gym in Redding CA.jpg

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5 Reasons to Start a Self-Defense Class Today

Self-Defense Class in Redding, California

There is almost no better feeling than being able to take care of yourself and feel good about where you are at in life. But for many of us, we are looking for something more than just physical exercise in a gym - we want to feel safe and confident in any situation we may walk into. Enter, self-defense classes. Self-defense instructors teach many different things, and it usually doesn't look like the fight scenes in your favorite movie. Today we'll go over 5 important reasons to consider joining a self-defense class.

1. Safety

The number reason that many take self-defense classes is because of safety. We want to feel protected when we are out on the street at night, or going grocery shopping, or traveling to a foreign country. We want to be able to protect ourselves should a situation arise when we or someone else is being threatened or attacked. Good self-defense instructors will give you the practical skills, as well as the right mindsets, to be able to defend yourself at all times, in all situations.

2. Confidence

Many of us don't feel completely confident that we have what it takes to defend ourselves. With knowing the practical skills that self-defense classes teach, those tools give us a confidence that bleeds into every area of our lives: our relationships, our family life, and our work life. And when we have that confidence, we feel free to take more risks, try new things, and set bigger goals. All because we know that we have what it takes.

Self Defense Classes in Redding, California

3. Fitness

Most self-defense classes focus on being emotionally prepared for an attacker, but being physically prepared for an attack is also equally important. An intense warm-up usually comes first, and next comes learning defense techniques. Through learning self defense, you will maintain your muscle and endurance through practicing, along with other exercise activities. Naturally, your overall fitness will improve. An intense warmup to get your adrenaline pumping, followed by a variety of fitness techniques, will improve your overall body condition while teaching you important self-defense techniques.

4. Self-discipline

Self-defense classes will grow your self-discipline. From showing up to class on time, to being pushed to your limit physically, to pushing through pain, your self-discipline will grow if you keep showing up to class. Your mindsets will start to change and your motivation and dedication will increase.

5. Balance and reflex skills

Improving your balance not only includes the physical balance of your core muscles, but also a mental balance by improving your focus. Self-defense classes teach you how to focus on your target while you control your body. Without balance, it is almost impossible to fight. Through gaining your body control and balance, you will be better prepared to protect yourself mentally and physically. Self-defense classes also help develop your reflexes, which will allow you to move quickly and strategically in such a situation. You will know where to step and where to throw your punch.

EveryDay Fitness has an upcoming self-defense class starting October 2nd. Click the button below to learn more!

EFX Training

Best Gym in Redding CA.jpg

EFX Training is a functional training class.

Taught by CrossFit Certified Instructors.

Offered exclusively at EveryDay Fitness.

Mon., Wed. & Fri. at 8:30am & 430pm.

New Squat Racks

New Squat Racks Are Here!

Elise Hawkins Nutritional Therapy is now Shasta Nutritional Therapy!

EveryDay Fitness - Shasta Nutritional Therapy

From: Shasta Nutritional Therapy.

Our name changed!

That's right! In anticipation for expansion of the practice, and possible additions (stay tuned) it only made sense to change to a more inclusive name for the Nutritional Therapy Practice. Although Elise is still 100% actively involved, our name will change from: Elise Hawkins Nutritional Therapy to: Shasta Nutritional Therapy, but the quality of care will still remain (and hopefully improve!).

One-Time Only Special Offer

It's the 3-year anniversary since opening the nutritional therapy practice, and in celebration, we're offering the entire 3-Month-Nutritional-Therapy-Program for only $393 (Valued at $540) for the next 3 days.

This means, you must have a confirmed appointment for a 3 Month Program booked online by Friday, August 25th at 11:59pm to qualify for the special offer.This is a one-time offer and will not be available again. You can schedule your Initial Consultation for the program up to 23 days out from the day you confirmed your appointment (no later than September 20th 2017).

So if you've been considering learning more about optimizing your health, along with finding out what your body needs, how to balance your hormones, clean up your diet, and embark on a personalized nutritional therapy program designed specifically for you---- this is the perfect opportunity!

Remember you MUST go online and have your appointment confirmed to us before Friday August 25th at 11:59pmYou can schedule this appointment for anytime before September 20th, but it must be confirmed in the next 3 days.

Looking forward to supporting you in this next chapter of your health journey. As always, may you be ever increasing in health!

Elise Hawkins Nutritional Practitioner